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Flooring Accessories

Flooring Underlays. Aluminium Trims.

We offer a range of high-quality underlays and aluminium trims to suit your flooring project.

Specially Engineered Underlays

Trade Flooring offers a range of specially engineered underlays designed for a variety of specific uses, including bamboo flooring, carpeting, engineered floors, sound studios and more…

Aluminium Thresholds

Our Aluminium Trim L Bar Thresholds have been manufactured specifically to suit our flooring. Simply apply to the edge of the planking post-installation with our industrial-strength double-sided tape.

Flooring Packages

Our flooring packages include underlay and installation. Extras such as custom aluminium trims for doorways and staircases are additional, yet relatively inexpensive.
Available Underlay options

Economical Underlay IXPE30-L

Light Underlay offers a cost-saving solution.

A 3mm IXPE Foam with moisture block technology and a good all round noise reduction of 73db.
Price: $40.00 Per Roll
(Each Roll 9.3 m2)

Standard Underlay EVA30-8

Standard Underlay offers multipurpose noise reduction and heat retention.

Our Standard Underlay is included with all bamboo installation packages.
Price: $90.00 Per Roll
(Each Roll 18.6 m2)

High-Grade Underlay EVA40-LG

High-grade Underlay offers significant noise reduction and top-tier heat retention.

Our top of the range High-grade Underlay 4mm EVA Rubber with closed cell moisture block technology and outstanding noise control at 86db.
Price: $100.00 Per Roll
(Each Roll 18.6 m2)


Our underlays are 100% waterproof and made of thermal acoustic rubber designed to reduce noise and retain heat.

We offer a 12 month warranty on every installation.

Most underlay on the market is quite soft and compresses over time to become thin. At TradeFlooring, we offer a range of specially engineered underlays designed to suit a variety of flooring products including bamboo, laminates, engineered wood and solid timber flooring. We also stock application specific (underfloor heating compatible and extra thick soundproofing) underlays.

Our specialised underlay is designed specifically for bamboo flooring and is constructed of 3mm EVA rubber with a thermal reflector for heat retention, which also acts as a vapour barrier to minimise dampness. TradeFlooring’s custom underlay retains compression, integrity and temperature better than insulation. Importantly, our underlay offers a noise impact rating code of 72db, which is a significant improvement on the allowable 55db rating to meet building codes.

Aluminium Trims

Aluminium L Bars are designed for thinner style flooring, like our own SPC planking which is 6.5mm thick.

Anyone looking for a transition bar for thinner style planking such as laminates or vinyl may find it very difficult to get the correct size of L Bar, so we created the solution.

Our unique L Bars are manufactured specifically for our flooring and they’re designed to be simple and easy to install post installation. Just apply to the edge of the planking with the pre-attached double-sided industrial-strength tape.

Our L Bars can also be used as a modern or contemporary looking stair nosing too.

Available Colour Options:

  • Matte Black
  • Matte Champagne
  • Matte Silver