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Frequently Asked Questions

DualCore SPC

How many square metres and planks per box?

1.76m2 – 8 Planks.


Do I need a professional to install the flooring?

An instruction sheet is in every box. If you have the required power and hand tools and some DIY skills, you should be able to complete your installation. We are happy to provide and advise, or we can install for a fixed amount.


How many planks are needed to cover my area?

Simply measure the required area and divide it by 1.76 to give you the total m2, then multiply this figure by 8.


Do your SPC Flooring planks look like real wood?

The planks are made of limestone and have a very authentic wood design. The EIR embossed surface contouring technology adds depth and texture for a realistic wood grain.


How do your SPC floors feel to the feet?

The planks are not cold to walk on as the closed cell rubber underlay that’s pre-attached to each plank ensures neutral, or warm temperatures.


What is DualCore SPC made of?

Our registered brand is made from a blend of 75/25 limestone/polymer.


How long is the DualCore Warranty?

DualCore has a 0.5 wear layer, so the manufacturer’s warranty is 25 years for residential use and 15 years for commercial use. If we install it, we provide a 1 month installation warranty to cover any required settling adjustments too.


Can you organise freight or delivery?

Yes, we deliver New Zealand-wide by courier for an additional cost, however you can arrange the freight yourself if that’s your preference.