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We offer Gilrose Finance and Gem Finance options for your new floor.

Investing in a new eco-friendly, hygienic, and allergy-free Bamboo Floor increases the value of your property. The investment is reflected in either the resale value or the equity value. Either way, your investment will be returned to you.

Gem Visa

Enjoy 6 months Interest Free on all Gem Visa purchases of $250 and over.
As a shopper’s credit card, the Gem Visa from Latitude offers cardholders a number of ways to save on interest as they shop. Purchases under $250 can benefit from up to 55 days interest free, while purchases over $250 automatically receive an interest free period of six months.

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Gilrose Finance

Personal home improvement loans from Gilrose Finance usually attract lower repayments than credit cards, because the cost is spread over the entire loan and you can pay off early with no penalty. Finance one of our flooring deals, and get a quality floor under you quickly… No need to wait. It only takes a few minutes to apply.

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